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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sleep, My Child, Sleep

The last few weeks have been very exhausting for our family. My 90 year old mother-in-law has been terminally ill and went home to be with Jesus last Sunday night. My husband, his brother and I were the only family she had left, in our area, to be with her as she was dying. We were blessed to have our daughter come in to help care for her granny during the last week of her life. Ginger left her 3 young kids at home, in the care of their dad, and came in to be with her granny and love on her during her final days. Our son was able to take a day off from work and drove down to visit with Hazel also before she died. My husband and I are privileged to have two loving and caring children.

We had the grave side service yesterday and were blessed by the out pouring of love from our family and friends. We were surprised at how many of our church friends took off from work and made the 30 mile trip to come to the funeral home during the day for a mid-week service. With our kids and grandkids staying at our house we had a total of 12 people staying under our roof and our Sunday school class provided so much food we still have lots of food left for several meals. I don’t know what people do in times like these who do not have church friends to help. We would like to thank each of you for your thoughtfulness.

My husband and I are worn out and will be recuperating for a few days, especially me since I have fibromyalgia. But we can rest well knowing that Hazel is with Jesus and we will see her again. Hazel like to try to write poetry; I can’t say her poems were always good, but they did rhyme. A few days before she died I wrote the following poem for her and it was read at her service. She was a sweet lady, lots of fun and a great mother-in-law. Rest in peace Hazel, we love you.

Sleep My Child, Sleep

By Frankie Conar

“Sleep my child, sleep.” She holds the tiny precious hand,

Kisses the babe’s soft cheek, and wipes away his tear.

“You’re safe in my arms; now dream of castles in the sand.

Don’t cry my little one, there’s not a thing to fear.”

The days go rushing by and the future becomes the past

Her memories grow dim and bright eyes fade at last.

“Sleep mother, sleep.” He holds the time worn hand,

Kisses her wrinkled cheek and wipes away a tear.

“You’re safe in the arms that carry you to a better land.

You will be once again with those you hold so dear.

It won’t be long; I’ll join you soon on heavens shore

I will hold you close and kiss your cheek once more.”

“Awake my child, awake.” He takes her by the hand.

He kisses the now smooth cheek and wipes away her tear

“You’re safe in my arms. Welcome to the Promised Land.

I’ve prepared this place for you; you’ll be so happy here.

Your work on earth is through, but your life has just begun

I’ve brought you home to live with Me, God’s only begotten Son.”