We are God's Works of Art

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Weaver

Hi Y'all,
I can't believe I've been away so long.  I guess going back to school took up most of my time. One thing I learned at collage is that I can write poetry.  Several of my poems were published this year in, "Frontage Road", an accredited collage publication.  I would like to share a poem I've written with you call The Weaver.

The Weaver
by Frankie Moses Conar

The hands of the weaver
Make changes ever so subtle
Meshing the strands together
Using a loom and a shuttle. 

He creates the fabric;
He chooses every strand
To form a unique design
The cloth doesn't lend a hand.

He patiently guides each string
And selects the colors too.
He is the master of his craft;
he knows just what to do.

Imagine if the fiber rebelled
Causing chaos, worry and stress.
Instead of a thing of beauty
There would only be a mess.

Then why do we fight
And go against our makers hand?
Our lives would be more beautiful
If we followed our Master's plan.

Write each day with God's love,